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It only takes a minimal amount of roof damage to lead to significant secondary problems. That’s why roof repairs should never be delayed. Following an “out of sight, out of mind" approach in regards to roofing damage will almost always lead to higher repair costs down the road and could potentially result in needing a complete roof replacement — so it’s important to get the roof repair services you need before further damage occurs!

Helferich Construction is trusted by many homeowners throughout Muskegon and the surrounding area for prompt and reliable roof repair services. Whether your roof is missing a few shingles or sustained significant storm damage, our experienced roofing contractors can help. All the roof repair work we do is completed using premium materials and proven methods for long-lasting results. Contact our roof repair experts today to request a free damage estimate.

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Shingle roofing materials are durable and cost-effective. As shingles age or become loosened by wind and other weather conditions, however, the surfaces underneath are at risk of moisture and impact damage. It’s important that damaged shingles are repaired promptly to prevent further problems. Our roof repair contractors have experience with all types of shingle roofing and can provide you with the repairs you need.

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Helferich Construction is one of the very few Muskegon roofing companies that installs metal roofing systems. Metal roofing can stand up to heavy winds, extreme weather, UV rays, and debris. However, like any roofing system, it is not resistant to damage. From repairing punctures through exterior surfaces and sealants to replacing missing hardware and fasteners, our team can handle a wide variety of metal roof repairs.

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Rubber roofing is another durable material, but one that can become worn or damaged. Typically, rubber roofing systems become compromised due to prolonged exposure to extreme elements or membrane shrinkage. Not all roofers know how to resolve these issues. Luckily, those here at Helferich Construction do. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to handle a number of difficult rubber roofing problems.

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Restoring Your Roof and Peace of Mind

If you notice or suspect that you have roof damage, contact Helferich Construction right away. No matter the type or severity of the damage, we can provide you with the necessary solutions to restore the structural integrity of your roof and bring you complete peace of mind. Our dedicated team has over two decades of experience handling all types of repairs, from roof leaks and missing shingles to damage caused by snow and ice. Whatever the issue, you can be confident that we have the knowledge and resources to repair your roof right!

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A Roof Replacement Could Be the Better Option

No matter what caused damage to your roof, our experts will always assess the extent of the damage and help you determine the best course of action. We can typically resolve issues through minor to moderate roofing repair. However, there are instances where a complete roof replacement is the better decision. Our roofing contractors may recommend complete reroofing services if your roof is over 20 years old or they detect:

  • Extensive leaks
  • Severe storm or hail damage
  • Wood rot or mold formation

A roof replacement is an opportunity to upgrade the materials and improve the style, energy efficiency, value, and protection of your home while increasing the longevity of its roof — all of which will save you money in the long run.

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How Can I Detect A Roof Leak?

Spotting a roof leak is often as obvious as noticing water spots or discoloration on your ceiling. However, there are also many less obvious water intrusion signs which are frequently missed by homeowners. If you want to try to detect a roof leak on your own, head up to the attic and check the framing for signs of moisture such as wood rot or spotting. You can also look at insulation to see if it is matted, damp, or eroding. If you need assistance, our team specializes in both roof leak detection and repair. We can detect and repair roof leaks quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

The cost of roof repair services will depend heavily on the extent of the damage as well as the material and labor required to make the necessary repairs. If you would like to know the exact cost of roof repair, the best thing to do is to request a roofing estimate with a Helferich Construction roofer. We always like to see the damage in person before recommending the best course of action and the costs associated with it.

How Can Roof Repairs Be Avoided?

Roof damage is inevitable at times. High winds, severe weather, and other outdoor factors can all take a toll on your roof, and therefore, there really is no sure-fire way to avoid roof repairs. You can, however, choose quality and durable roofing materials and ensure that repairing future damage is never put on the backburner. While roof damage may be inevitable, prompt repair will prevent the damage from getting worse and requiring more costly repairs or a complete replacement.

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